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3D Sculpt
3D Model

Jiwon Seo

The project was to create a 3D sculpt, model, and texture of Jiwon Seo, a K-pop singer who died in 1991. The goal of the project was to pay tribute to Seo by creating an accurate and detailed representation of him. The research phase of the project involved studying photographs and videos of Seo, as well as gaining an understanding of his unique style and stage presence.

The sculpting phase involved using a digital sculpting software to create a high-resolution 3D model of Seo. The model was sculpted to capture his likeness, as well as his unique facial features and expressions. This model was then used to create a detailed texture map, which was applied to the sculpt to give it a more realistic appearance.

The final stage of the project was to render the 3D model, which brought the sculpture to life and gave it a sense of depth and movement. The final product was a highly detailed and accurate representation of Jiwon Seo, capturing his likeness and the essence of his stage presence as a K-pop singer. The model was created as a tribute to him and as a way to remember his legacy.

Overall, the project was a challenging but rewarding experience, it was an honor to contribute to remembering Jiwon Seo’s legacy and to apply my skills in 3D modeling and texturing to create an accurate representation of an important Kpop singer.